About Us

A new kind of watch company

The human time project was created to aid a need while selling a fashionable and rugged timepiece that anyone would be proud to wear at an affordable price.

In the winter of 2010, while visiting a relative at the World Bank, Gustavo Sainz met people dedicated to world health issues. Coming from a family that has worked in non profits, he knew that there’s always the need for more help. The stories he heard of the conditions some rural clinics had to face were astonishing. Also another thing he found out that in the items that were lacking were watches for health workers. Having a watch company Gustavo immediately began to inquire.

According to data from the World Health Organization and Unicef around 800,000 people die a year in developing countries, including children, due to accidents and trauma. This fact is even more tragic when you factor in the account that these people will recur to an emergency clinic that lacks the necessities to save a life. A watch is a vital tool in first aid, not having one can sometimes mean the difference between life or death.

So after a year of research, finding the right manufacturing partners and knowledgeable people to bring this idea to life, The Human Time Project is now a reality.


And be able to give another?

Very simple, we sell directly to you.

Being a watch company we have access to the same factories that fashion brands use for their watches. Also we don’t have to pay royalty fees, celebrity endorsements or saddle our products with extreme advertising costs.

Our watches, with a trendy label on them, would retail for $200 + in malls across the U.S.
By selling directly to you we make sure we can give you the best quality watch for the price and donate the same watch so it will stand the rigors of work in the field. We then leave just enough to keep our operation working. You win, we win and many, many others around the world win too!


Being both restless souls founder Gustavo Sainz and partner Ben Rodriguez decided that the Human Time Project was a good enough challenge to take on. Both have a zest for entrepreneurial endeavors and understand that social enterprise is the way of the future. Both are avid believers in committing to the environment and trying to bring reasonable solutions to everyday problems.

We would also like to mention an addition to our growing team. Derrick Hensman who is our new Ethics and Accountability consultant. His role is to organize and overview our donations, liaison with our donation partners and make sure we give in a sustainable way that it doesn’t affect the social environment of these areas.


Gustavo Sainz

Owner of SAINZ Watch Co., Gustavo decided that he could help make a difference in creating the Human Time Project. Born in Uruguay, he’s a native of Los Angeles and Orange counties. Gustavo is a Leo and enjoys cinema, quiet times reading and writing.

Ben Rodriguez

Is an entrepreneur, investor, producer and an all around good guy. A graduate of Pepperdine University’s Bachelor of Arts program, he also studied in Florence, Italy, where he traveled all over Europe after the fall of the Iron Curtain. He has established himself as a leading consultant specializing in raising project funding and bringing strategic relationships from over 20 years of experience to HTP.

Ben is most passionate about impacting people’s lives in a positive way and he finds The Human Time Project to be a great step in that direction.


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